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Conditions EWT

Extended Warranty Terms
regarding our oxygen concentrators

Concerning our oxygen concentrators we grant, in excess of the implied warranty the following extended warranty.

Warranty terms: maximum 30,000 operating hours or 5 years from the date of purchase on all functional parts (e.g. compressor, electronic circuit board, solenoid technology, etc.). The condition first reached (30.000 hours or 5 years) applies.

Condition precedent to the extended warranty is the periodic maintenance according to the Technical Service Manual.

Extent of warranty: free-of-charge replacement of defective parts. The defective parts must be submitted to us for inspection of warranty claims. For processing the warranty claim, the serial number as well as date of purchase and the operating hours of the affected device must be stated. If devices are sent to us for warranty repair free of charge, we will also cover the labor costs for any warranty repairs. Locally resulting travel and service expenses are not covered by us.

Excluded from this warranty are: filters and zeolites, damage from improper handling and mechanical damage of parts (e.g. transport damage).

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