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KRÖBER O2 Vers. 4.0 Technische Daten KRÖBER O2 Technische Daten aeroplus E Technische Daten

Kröber O2
now available with: GSM Service Module

Oxygen concentrator

  • remote servicing
  • compliance monitoring
  • premium service quality
  • increased patient comfort
Verfügbar für Kröber O2 & Kröber 4.0

GSM Service Module

The new revolutionary KröberO2 GSM Service Module turns the KröberO2 into a remotely accessible oxygen concentrator.
The GSM Service Module connects daily - based on m2m-technology - to the central database server and reports operating hours and oxygen volume flow settings. This enables the service provider to monitor therapy efficiency and patient compliance.
Also instant online remote control of the oxygen concentrator are additional features opening the possibility to adjust technical parameters On-The-Go for optimum performance, troubleshooting or installation of the latest software update.

Feel the Technical Difference

  • establish online access to the oxygen concentrator
  • receive automatically and regularly statistical data of all installed devices
  • analyze technical trending information
  • perform remote software updates

Feel the Service Difference

  • offer premium-level service and support for patients and health care insurances
  • create usage reports
  • optimize work flows
  • increase device availabilities
  • replace a device before a breakdown
  • keep state-of-the-art devices in the market

Feel the Marketing Difference

  • provide top-level-support
  • immediate reaction possible
  • all data in database system available
  • reduce costs by avoiding unnecessary service trips